Monday, July 02, 2012

Stairs with Z.! I DID IT! *grin*

Today I had Physical Therapy with Z. again, and LOVED IT! Well, before I get to the SUCCESS portion of it, I want to share my foot story.

As I have been working on the walking goals, my left foot has been changing. It's slightly changing, but enough that I wanted to show Woody and Z. today. See, my toes now curl when I walk, making me have toes in a rather odd position at this point. And, a part of my foot now hurts. What's the saying, no pain, no gain? *grin* Anyway, I showed it to the guys and they had some good ideas. I bought some arch supports for my shoe which help a little bit and tomorrow I'll be purchasing some toe supports from the local drug store. Apparently they make things to help prevent toe curling. Who knew? I hope it works, and relieves the pain. I told them both that I have camp starting on Friday, and all we do is walk out there. *grin* *giggle*

Okay, onto the success for the day. Z. didn't have me walk at all with the bands due to the pain factor so we did some posting. After that, we DID THE STEP CHALLENGE! We worked on it for a LONG TIME, and I did it! I was able to go up and down the steps without Z.'s assistance! *grin* I was like a little kid!!! Yesssss!

Step by step, I'm going to get this thing! *grin*


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