Sunday, July 01, 2012

You Just Never Know...

Sometimes I'm caught completely off-guard by God when He shows me how I've been used by Him to impact someone else's life. Especially when it's been something as simple as a chat, email, or FB message, I'm just doing what He shows me to do when I pray. *grin* Today was one of those times when He showed me how I had been used to encourage one of His children.

A little while ago the Lord impressed upon me to send a message to someone on FB. LOVELYLITTLEGAL'S status showed that she was going through a rough time, and as I prayed for her He wanted me to encourage her through a message. So, I did. We swapped a few messages back and forth, and I prayed for her. I have prayed for her, as He has led me since then, but I really haven't "messaged" her because He didn't lead me to do that. I did leave it open for her though if she ever needed a specific prayer request to let me know. *grin* Other than that, life moved on. *grin*

Today, God showed me what an impact that made on her. As Slim & I were driving shuttles today, I checked FB on my phone. (NOT while I was actually driving though! *grin*) That LOVELYLITTLEGAL posted a FB status, and thanked me for my prayers. I grinned. So often I pray (And know it's the right thing to do.) but don't always see the fruit of it. And, that's okay. At the same time, it's always a blessing to see fruit from something as simple as a prayer and a message. *grin*

I am always in awe in situations like that and it reminds me that we just never know when we're being used by Him to truly make an impact in someone's life. We really don't. I pray He uses me more and more in the lives of His children. I don't have to see the results of the prayers, I really don't. But I think He'll continue to show me from time to time. He enjoys that part too. *grin*


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