Friday, August 10, 2012

A Phone Call

Today I was working in my classroom, and my cell phone rang. I saw the name and was slightly surprised to have an incoming call from that person today, and excused myself from the conversation I was having to answer it. What followed blessed my heart. *grin*

It was the parent of a child I know, and the parent stated that her son was very upset and wasn't sure how to proceed because this kid is NEVER upset. (The kid's name nor the situation are pertinent to this story.) She asked for feedback, and then asked if I wanted to talk to him. I said, "Of course!"

I started a very limited chat with the youngster. Meaning, I asked questions, and I got one-word answers because he was so upset. I did a lot of reading between the lines. I also did a lot of praying in my head, because I really wanted to bless this kid & his family. Then the Lord gave me an idea.

I told the youngster the idea I had (I obviously didn't say that the Lord gave it to me) and he thought it was a good idea. I continued through the chat, and by the time I switched back to his Mom, I felt that the youngster felt better about his whole situation.

I told his Mom the idea, and she was REALLY appreciative of my willingness to take some extra time for her son today. She liked the idea I had, and said that she really appreciated my input for the whole ordeal. Really, it wasn't huge, but for a kid, it was kinda big. I understand the world of being a kid, and I know it can be a tough road at times. *grin*

After we hung up I kept working in my classroom, and I pondered the whole thing. I was ENORMOUSLY blessed that the parent thought of me and called me to help her son. We're obviously not close or anything, but she thought of me and I thought about how amazing that was for a parent to give me that moment. Obviously, she did it for her son, but I got to be included in that. I don't take that lightly.

God used me in that moment, and I don't take that lightly either. This summer God taught me a great deal about encouragement, and that's all I really did for this little person, but it was EXACTLY what he needed in that moment. I LOVE THAT!

Awesome day if you ask me. Being used by God was the highlight of my day!


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