Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dance Party at FCF!!! *grin*

Tonight I went to Forerunner Christian Fellowship for service, and it was one of those nights I will NEVER forget. I've had a lot of memorable nights since I moved here, but tonight was REALLY cool.

Worship was led by Misty Edward's team, and I honestly can't remember a set led by her team that I haven't liked. They are an experienced team, and are able to do a little bit of everything. I LOVE that!

The worship before Mike's sermon was really good. While it took me a little while to get to where I wanted to be in the Lord, I got there. (If you have NO IDEA what I mean by that, that's okay. God knows.) It was a really cool set.

Following that, sermon time came. Mike talked on Romans 6, which I liked. I admit that my ADD set in and it was hard to focus, but I am able to multi-task and did so during the sermon. *grin*

After that, I was part of an AMAZING praise set!!! Now, let me state, dancing at FCF is ALWAYS okay. It's not always something we do, but if the Spirit moves us, we do. Don't get weird images in your head. It's dancing in G-rated-form to music. Really. Pretty basic, yet really cool to me because we're dancing before the Lord.

So, the young people filled the front and (for the first time I can recall) they led the worship. Meaning, the band played some cool hip-hoppish music and the singers led from time to time, but honestly the teens would dance and sing a phrase that the team would then sing sometimes. It was one of those rare nights where the singers followed the crowd from time to time. It was REALLY cool. We even did a song from camp (IP), which cracked me up! Motions and all! Haha! I loved it! The worship team flowed in a really cool way, and Misty was great at letting things flow as the Lord led it. People danced for a REALLLLY long time.

It was a special night. Sometimes life has a script and a way things MUST go. And then sometimes spontaneous things happen that capture our hearts. That's what tonight was for me. It was a spontaneous praise dance set that I'll never forget.

Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE living here? *grin*


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