Wednesday, August 08, 2012


Yesterday I did Physical Therapy with Z., and he gave me the hardest obstacle course I've done so far. It took several attempts to get through it with limited support, but I did it. I told him I was trying to earn my own Gold Medal as it was my own little Olympics at Blue Ridge Physical Therapy. He laughed. I got the camera & took a picture of it! He offered to video me going through it, and I said "no." There are some things I don't need posted on the net, and that's one of them! *grin*

I laughed as I did the orange strip. I am watching the Olympics every night where girls do flips and such on the balance beam ABOVE the ground. My goal is to WALK on it without "falling" off. *grin* It is amazing to me though, as I honestly felt like I had earned a medal when I FINALLY did it yesterday! *grin*

All of these activities are helping me with balance, and circumduction of my feet. Balance is a biggie, and the main one with Z. The steps were TOUGH too, as he had never given me so many at different heights. I know you can't see the different heights very well in the picture, but they were very different. My goal was to alternate feet, but I didn't really get there. Just walking on them without hanging onto Z. was an accomplishment!

I've had to cut back on the number of visits through the rest of the year because of insurance, so I'll be doing more work at home. Which is fine. Slowly but surely, I'm getting there!


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