Monday, August 06, 2012


Since I returned from camp a week ago yesterday, I've pondered the CIA's I worked with A LOT. If you've never been to camp, let me explain to you what a CIA is--it's a CHRISTIAN IN ACTION. Basically, it's a teenager that's paired up with a specific camper for the week. I've said it several times, the CIA's I had Term 7 blew me away! They didn't have the strongest staff the first portion of the week, and yet they still did an OUTSTANDING job with their campers. Throughout the week I was REPEATEDLY blessed by the young ladies who made camp an amazing experience for the young campers we served throughout the week.

I'll wind up posting about all of them eventually, I'm sure, as they all captured my heart at one moment or another throughout the week. Tonight Claudia has really been on my heart. God taught me a lot through that young lady.

On arrival day for us, Claudia didn't fit the outward appearance of camp. Honestly, that was what I liked about her right away. She is from Colorado, and I learned right away that she lives close to where the shooting took place a couple weeks ago. My heart was amazed by this young gal as she shared a life that I can't relate to on any level.

She stated that there are often gun shots in the area where she lives. In fact, she said the night of the shooting, she heard the shots. I can't relate to that on any scale! She talked about it like it was just a fact. I was glad God put her in G1 for the week. She expanded my view of the world just by sharing her life experiences. It made me like her even more. Not in a pity way, but in a "This gal is amazing" kind of way.

Throughout the week she kept a smile on her face in all we did. She really jumped right in, and while I know God stretched her in A LOT of ways, she did a GREAT job. I can imagine God being so VERY proud of His daughter throughout all of Term 7!

The night I fell, she was one of the first to hug me and be there for me. I needed to go check laundry after I was tended to, and she wanted to go get it for me! Talk about a sweetie! I went because I needed some time with the Lord after the fall, but the fact she offered blesses me more than she'll ever know!

She's back in Colorado, I'm sure back in the groove of life there. You were a BLESSING Claudia! I am SO GLAD God put you in my path this summer. You're an unforgettable gal!


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