Sunday, August 12, 2012


This year I have REALLY enjoyed watching the Olympics. I always enjoy the Olympics, and this year was not any different. I realize that I knew at 5:30 who actually won the medals, but I still watched every night to see the event unfold. *grin*

There were so many stories within the Olympics that I was touched over and over again. It reminded me of camp from time to time. You're thinking, "Huh? It's not even the same thing!" Yes, I know, and in NO WAY am I saying camp is an event on the same level of the Olympics.

What I am saying is that the way the weeks unfolded with cherished memories for the participants, whether high or low, it reminded me of camp. I see smiles that wide out at camp from our campers, and sometimes tears fall from various people too, just as we saw this week as well.

Part of me is sad it's over, yet I know that we're 18 months away from the Winter Olympics in Sochi. I. Can't. Wait.


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