Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Fourteenth Year of Teaching *grin*

Today I started my fourteenth year of teaching. Even as I sit here and type that, it seems unreal. I look back and think, "It was just yesterday that I started out student teaching." I know I say this a lot on the blog, but the longer I live, the faster time goes by. Before I know it, I will be 20, 25, 30 years into my career. Perhaps that's why I'm seeking to enjoy EACH day in this journey this side of Heaven.

Everyday in my job there is a comment or an action by someone that brings laughter or a smile to my face. Today it came from being with my para again. My para is a source of joy, and it comes from just being herself. She doesn't force it, it's just who she is, and it overflows to those around her. I think every card I've given her has said something like, "You always make me laugh." Today that was definitely true.

Today she came in after helping out in another area of the building and acted out a scene that had me laughing so hard that the silent laugh surfaced! In fact, I had my head on my desk, and I was laughing, as she exited my room to help out in a classroom! I noticed the silent laugh emerge and I just sat there for a moment.

I thought about it, fourteen years. Wow.

I thought about the kids that have come and gone from my program, and I smiled.

I smiled for the successes, because there have been plenty.

And I smiled because I have some amazing young people in my life this year that I get to teach, and they will teach me.

I'm going to enjoy it, one day at a time. Before I know it, I'll be doing a post titled "My 25th Year of Teaching." *grin*


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