Wednesday, August 29, 2012

You Just Never Know...

...when you're making someone smile on the inside. *grin*

This morning I was walking through our office, and there was a little girl in there with her Mom that I didn't recognize. I walked by her, and said, "Hi." I noticed that she was staring at my legs. I honestly thought she went to our school, and this is the season I tell my short story to the kindies so that they aren't afraid of the limp.

So, I asked her if she was curious as to why I was walking differently. She didn't really reply but I could tell she wanted me to keep going, and her Mom was okay with me talking to her. So, I shared my story. It is pretty much the same story each time, but today it was a little different.

I led with, "Do you want to hear the story? It has to do with Finding Nemo." (I could tell this made the little girl interested.) Then I said something like... "See, I was born with Cerebral Palsy. You can't catch it, I was just born with it. You know how Nemo has a lucky fin in the movie? Well, I have a lucky leg! And I can do anything you can do, EXCEPT if we were to go out on the playground and you would want to race me, you would win because I can't run very fast. Finding Nemo is my favorite movie of all time." (Our secretary piped in and said that I post nightly about it on FB, which I do!)

So, I told the little girl it was nice to meet her and to have a good day. Then I went to class. *grin*

Tonight, I was posting my typical stuff on FB and that same secretary shared with me how much she enjoyed hearing me share my story with that little girl. While I knew she heard it, I didn't really think a lot of it at the time.

So, after she shared that tonight on FB, it got me to thinking. We never know who is watching, and who is being blessed by us. I guess the opposite is true too, but I want to think of the positive here. *grin*

I pray that everyday I am a blessing to those around me. From kids to adults, I really pray that I am helpful, and building others up, as it tells us in the Word. *grin*

So, as you go through your day, evening, whatever it may be, remember, you just never know who you may be making smile on the inside. *grin*


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