Friday, September 07, 2012

A Step Forward *giggle*

This afternoon I took a step toward getting my toe/joint back to where it needs to be. I guess that's kind of funny, took a step! *giggle*

Okay, seriously. *grin*

Since I started Physical Therapy back in March, my toes started curling under when I walked. I also started curling my toes when I was nervous too. Within that, I developed a bunion. I honestly thought bunions occurred in old people. Not in people in their thirties! (That's not old, people! *grin*)

So, I showed Woody the bunion early on, and he said as long as it didn't interfere with my walking, not to worry about it. I am a hard worker and don't like to complain, so I did my best with it. I also asked friends to pray. *grin* He can handle it!

It wasn't too bad, but hadn't gotten any better. In fact, since school has started, it has gotten a lot worse. So yesterday at physical therapy I told Woody it was really hurting. I also showed him my shoes, which reflect that struggle with the walking due to the pain in the left foot. After that, I talked to KCBJ, which led to an appointment TODAY. *grin*

After school I went to KCBJ to have a steroid shot in the joint. It was all a little humorous to me, once the procedure got underway. Yes, I said, "procedure" as I was told that it was actually considered a "procedure". I thought it was just a shot, but hey, I don't live in the medical world.

Anyway, the doctor and his assistant put the numbing solution on the skin above the joint, and he completed an ultrasound on it. I liked that, as I got to see it. It really doesn't take a lot to entertain me. *giggle*

After that, he knew where to inject the medicine. (My only thought all day was, "What happens when my leg jerks back?" Well, that was the moment I fought laughter, because I was right. *grin*) Right as he was about to put the needle in me, my foot jerked back. He stopped and looked at me.

He said, "I want to put this needle in your foot."

To which I replied, "I want you to put that needle in my foot." Then I laughed.

He then explained it was okay, it was leg & the CP, not me. Honestly, it was both. How many of us don't flinch a little when a needle is moving toward us? Okay, don't tell me if you don't, because I want to live in my own little world here. *grin*

At any rate, the assistant held my foot, the needle went in, and while it initially pricked, I could feel the medicine go into my foot. It was kinda weird. (I've never, ever taken drugs or anything, so it was definitely a new kind of experience for me!) At the end of the injection, the assistant said, "Okay it will burn a little now." It did, but only for a moment. Then he put a band-aid on it, and said to take it easy this weekend. He said the steroid (yes steroid) will take effect in about 2 days. It was numb as I walked out of the office, which was like walking on clouds! It felt AWESOME! I LOVED IT! There was ZERO pain.

I have relaxed tonight on my couch since the appointment. It does hurt a smidge tonight, but I'm happy that something was done, and that in a couple days the meds will kick in. I can still tell something was done today, the foot feels it. But, I'm thankful that God gave us doctors to help us. I'm excited to see what happens in the next couple days with the situation. Hopefully, it will all be back to normal before the weekend is over. That's what I'm praying for!


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