Saturday, September 29, 2012

Botox Journey, Day #5

Today's post is definitely more for me than you, but I want to share it with you too. That way you can join me in this journey. I would love it if you would take a moment and pray for me, as this is turning into quite a journey. *grin*

I love that you're just taking time to read this blog. I often think about that, about how people take time to read what I write. Thank You, you will never know what that means to me. *grin* Now, onto my blog post on the Botox. *giggle*

I'm counting today as Day #5 in my journey, with Tuesday as Day #1, as that was the day of the actual injections. Up until last night, I hadn't felt much in the actual legs. I had felt tired, extremely tired in the evenings, but nothing in the legs.

The tiredness has been an adjustment in the evenings. I am fine, but it is saying a lot when I'm so tired that I put schoolwork away early and just lay on the couch. I'm praying that this will get easier with time. (I looked it up, tiredness is a side effect of the injections.) Sometimes side effects of medicines pass, and I've experienced that first-hand with other medications, so I'm praying for that. *grin*

Last night something new starting happening. I started having little tingling sensations in the legs and feet. Not in the entire legs and feet, just random places. It has continued this morning too. It doesn't hurt, but it is an odd sensation. It's random too, which makes it even more fun. *giggle*

I can't say I'm more loose yet, but they also said it would be ten to fourteen days until I felt the full effects of the shots. *grin* I'm excited to see what it's like in time. *grin* They also started me with a low does of the injections, so it may take another round for me to get more help. We shall see. *grin*

So, I'll keep ya posted. Change takes time. I'm excited to see what happens in the days to come. *grin*


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