Thursday, October 04, 2012

Woody & the Botox Journey Continues

Yesterday I had my first Physical Therapy appointment with Woody in about a month. I couldn't go because my scrip had run out, and my doctor hadn't renewed it. That's part of living in the big city I guess. *grin* Anyway, it was renewed after I finally called (Woody's office repeatedly tried, and encouraged me to try.) and left a very kind message. *grin* I'm going to remember that next time. *giggle*

I arrived yesterday at PT, and Woody and I started out talking. I explained the Botox and the bunion progress. He encourages me in a way NOONE else does, and I know walking stronger is within my reach. I LOVE that! *grin*

Anyway, Woody stated that with the Botox shot, it's SO IMPORTANT for me to stretch my muscles. So, that's all we did yesterday, was stretch. It was tiring, but taught me a lot about my muscles and how they work in the walking process. I kept saying, "Wow, there's a name for that?" He taught me a few vocabulary words. I loved it!

I explained to him the continued tiredness, and he didn't know how if that would pass with time. However, he encouraged me to give it time and not give up. He also thought that the dose of Botox that I had last week wasn't much, and that I wouldn't feel much of it. He felt that it would take a few injections to get to where we need it to be. I'm okay with that, I would rather take it slow and do it right than do it fast and overdo it.

As far as the Botox, I don't feel much change in the legs. The doctor said it would be two weeks before I feel it all, and I'm wondering what change there will be. I'll find out next week, I guess.

I feel tired in the evenings. I am fine at school, but once I get home I crash. I will call the nurse tomorrow for my "check in" call. (I should have called today, but forgot. *grin*) But other than tired, I am fine. I like that. Out of all the possible side effects, tiredness is okay. *grin*

Well, time to head upstairs. I want to read before my eyes close for the night. *grin*


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