Sunday, September 23, 2012

MFPE *giggle*

Tonight I have a story to share from shuttles. Sundays are always a JOY because of shuttles. I enjoy meeting new people and the TEAM I'm on. We have the same people that drive every week. It's Slim, Sacramento, Zorro, and me. Yes, they're all code names. We all have code names. Mine's "Pleasant" in case you were wondering. (Slim gave me my name years ago, and it stuck.) *giggle*

So, my story about today was comical to me. To you, it won't be as comical I'm sure, but it's still worth sharing.

So, we announce on the radio when we arrive and depart somewhere. We have a closed radio signal, so only the team can hear it. (Yeah, there could be tons of posts based upon our humor on the radio. I love it!) For example, I announce, "This is Pleasant in Shuttle 5, leaving FCF, headed to Red Bridge (Also known as the PRAYER ROOM)" Okay, that's the typical announcement, but well, we like to change it up. *grin*

Zorro announces it as "This is Zorro, in Battle Cruiser Number 3, departing the Mother Ship for the Mother-in-Law Ship." Yeah, we have fun.

So, today I announced my FCF to Prayer Room as, "This is Pleasant in Shuttle 5, departing my SECOND favorite place ever, headed to MY FAVORITE PLACE EVER." Well, I emphasized EVER. I didn't realize I had done it, it just kinda happened.

So, the whole shift, everyone started emphasizing the word EVER. It made me *grin*. It's been quite a while since something I said led to laughter and various comments, but apparently EVER was the key word today. EVERYTHING become "EVER". You had to be there, but trust me, it was a day I won't forget. *grin*

So, IHOP-KC is also known for acronyms. We have an acronym for EVERYTHING. So, Zorro gets credit for it, but I started announcing "This is Pleasant, leaving my second favorite place ever to head to MFPE." I laughed. My passengers laughed. It was cool.

The passengers always get a kick out of what we do on the radio, so they found it amazing what joy we were getting out of the word EVER. *grin* I know I enjoyed it.

So, while this isn't anything really big, it encouraged me today. When I moved here three years ago and God said, "Drive shuttles" I wasn't too sure about it. Now it's a highlight of my week each week. *grin* Go figure that He would know that before me. *grin*


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