Sunday, September 16, 2012


Lately I've been pondering sounds I hear. Yeah, I know, that may seem odd, but let me explain. I mean, it won't be a long post or anything, but it's from my heart. *grin*

I spent the afternoon in the Prayer Room, which is my favorite place on this planet. I took schoolwork too, and got it done as I listened to live worship music intertwined with prayers. The 2-4 set is one of my favorite sets because it's worship with the word, so we sing worship songs, then sing the word of God. I can't tell you how much Scripture I've learned over the past 3 years sitting in that room! It's been amazing!

So this afternoon, a team with a leader I don't even know the name of, did an INCREDIBLE set from 2-4. I loved it. The bonus was that work got done too. The fun part about the prayer room for me is that I'm such an auditory person that I can listen and work at the same time. Plus, what I'm listening to in the prayer room is pretty much where I'd like to live 24/7, so it's my idea of a PERFECT day.

From 4pm-6pm another team came out, and it was also AMAZING. We prayed for adoption to come forth in Uganda and for revival in this nation. I enjoy the 4-6 set on Sundays. It's always good. *grin*

As I have taken care of a few things around the house tonight as I prepare for the work week, I noticed clouds rolled in. Rain hasn't fallen, but it got me to thinking about how much I've come to LOVE the sound of rain. I think the drought this summer really affected me. I missed rainy days. I know, crazy, right? But, I LOVE the sound of rain no matter what time of the day it is. Of course, my favorite time of day for it to rain is on a saturday when I can sleep in & read a good book. *grin* And I always linger a little bit on mornings when it rains, just to listen to the rain.

I have found that as I have gotten older, music has become incredibly important to me. It can be the Prayer Room, yeah, but I will also admit the K-LOVE Radio has become REALLY important for me too. Each morning as I drive to work I listen to the morning show, and each afternoon I listen to the afternoon show on my way home and I ALWAYS laugh! And the music is amazing too, as it brings me closer to God everyday. I love it!

I wish I could say hearing my dog bark is one of my favorite sounds, but, it's not. It's really high pitched and, well, kind of annoying, but I love the little furry creature. *grin*

So, I just wanted to share that tonight. Most people learn about other people's favorite foods, movies, etc. How many people learn about someone's favorite sounds? I don't know, it's rare I think. *grin*

All I know is that I'm thankful that I'm living in a time when we have a Prayer Room and K-LOVE. I think about that a lot. I could have been born at any time in our history, and I'm alive now. I get to enjoy the Prayer Room, Radio, rain, and yes, even Jay's bark now. *grin*


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