Friday, October 26, 2012

People Touching the Hearts of People

This week I've been blown away by the kindness of those around me. I find it amazing how even the most ordinary days can have highlights of the nicest people in them. I tend to think that through the Beech Road Experience, I don't take those moments for granted. Ever. *grin* I wanted to tell about a couple moments that touched my heart this week.

1. There's a kid that hugs me every time she sees me. Honestly, I don't even know her name, but she is ALWAYS sweet to me. She makes me *grin* all the time too by just talking to her.

2. Today I had to give something to another teacher, and I had to have my student walk with me so that he wasn't alone in my room. When I explained what I needed to do, he said, "Here, let me do it." It was SO cute...and nice.

3. I had a meeting today on a student. I have the student in a small group, and I've known him since he started at my school. I've always liked him, I've just never worked with him. So, on the first day I had him, I told him how excited I was to have him in a group. He didn't act like it was a big deal. However, his Mom told me today how much it blessed him that day, and how much that meant to her. I told her that was the highlight of my day, and it really was! It was my highlight because I didn't even realize that statement mattered to him. Turns out, it mattered A LOT to him! *grin*

4. I agreed to go to the Mavericks game in November to support the choir kids. I have several students in our school choir, so I knew I would be supporting several of my own little people. Yesterday the kids had choir, and one of the students told me "thanks" for going in front of her entire class. I grinned, and asked her how she knew. The choir director had told the kids that morning which staff members would be there that night. After she told me "thanks", the entire class chimed in. I was smiling ear-to-ear.

5. I was in need of prayer earlier this week, and my friend Karen took time out of her busy schedule in France to pray for me and minister to me. That blessed me tons. I miss her tons, but I sure am glad we have the internet! *grin*

6. I was sick this week and had to unexpectedly take time off work. The secretary at my school was SO helpful and supportive! She went above and beyond to assist me in making sure my students were taken care of, which made me feel less stressed about not being at work. I was touched.

7. At work we're having "Boo" go through our staff. I was Boo'd early in the week. Although it took longer than it should have to pass it on because I was sick, I was touched by that. I'm on a great staff, and am blessed by some good friends there.

8. I have been blessed by REAL mail this week. I received TWO letters in the mail from Camp Barnabas friends that absolutely touched my heart! I send cards regularly, but it was nice to receive cards! I was touched!

9. Finally, a Camp friend messaged me on FB. I know, it doesn't seem like much, but the note blessed me deeply. I was reminded how many incredible people God has blessed me with via Barnabas. I LOVE IT.

So, I think tonight's post was more for me than for you. However, look around, you never know when the most ordinary day might just have a touching moment waiting for you!


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