Saturday, October 06, 2012

Walking & Jogging Club

This morning I got up early (Yea, on a Saturday, shocker, I know, but He told me to do it, and I was glad I did!) and went to drive shuttles for The River Run for the Orphan Justice Center. I was SO GLAD I went. I met a lot of people and also had a lot of good pondering time too. (It's quite a drive from IHOP to the park where it was held!) As I drove, I started pondering the past week, and He brought the Walking & Jogging club to mind.

About a month ago, my school started a club with teachers and kids to prepare for the upcoming local walk/run event here in L.S. When it was first announced in a meeting, I totally felt the Lord lead me to do it. I was excited too! The bonus was that on the club days, we get to wear P.E. clothes to school. That's fun too! *grin*

So, the club started, and I didn't really feel like I fit in anywhere. In the beginning, each teacher was given a group of students, but due to the fact I have Car Rider Duty, I never had a group. I just helped out wherever. I would walk wherever we were walking. I didn't really talk to anyone, as I walk slower than everyone else. People said, "Hi" as they passed, but that was about it.

At the end, I helped with car rider duty the best I could. Then I walked away telling the Lord everyday, "Okay, I'm here, and I don't see why, but I'm here." This week I learned why.

On Tuesday, there was a boy whose Mom was running late. Looking back, he was always the last to be picked up, but I had never talked to him. Someone else always helped with him, while I helped with someone else.

We went inside to call his parents, and we found out his Mom would be about 15 minutes late. I offered to stay with him. Two others offered to stay and I could have left, but honestly I hadn't been able to walk during club time at all because I had been helping with restroom breaks. So, I wanted others to go home since they had either walked or ran, and I stayed with the boy.

I'll name him ReadingKid for the blog because he LOVES to read. I sat and talked with him for those fifteen minutes and REALLY liked the kid. We shared stories about our dogs, love of books, movies, and TV. He shared with me that he wants to read THE HOBBIT, and I told him it was in my book orders that I would be giving out in the next couple days, and I'd be glad to give him the book order if he wanted to buy it. I also explained we have a Book Fair coming up, so he could wait until then too. (It's not like the kid had to buy it from the book order or anything.) *grin* God REALLY gave me a heart for ReadingKid and I really enjoyed those fifteen minutes a lot.

On Wednesday I found him and gave him the book order which made him really happy. It made me happy too! On Thursday he said he wanted to ask his Dad about buying the book. I told him that was cool, but not to feel pressured about buying it. He said he didn't feel any pressure, he just wanted the book. *grin*

On Thursday he was the last one to be picked up again, but his Dad showed up quickly so I didn't get to chat with him again. I was glad he didn't have to wait again, but he heard me tell another teacher, "If he has to wait, I want to wait with him. I really like him." He smiled.

It got me to thinking today, I hope he has a lot of people that make him smile like that. I don't know if he does or doesn't, but I know first-hand the importance of one adult taking a few minutes each day to make a kid feel special.

I know that he is the reason I've been doing Walking & Jogging Club. He isn't the only one either. There are a few others who have gotten to know me through the club, and I know they are seeking positive encouragement. That doesn't mean they're not getting it elsewhere, but it does mean that I'm there for them.

We have Tuesday and Thursday for the club and then it's over. I plan to keep walking & talking to the kids He puts in my path on those days. I'm going to miss it, but I really believe He's going to give me other opportunities to encourage ReadingKid even though we don't have the club anymore. I really believe that.


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