Saturday, November 10, 2012

#10 My Home

Today I have stayed at home ALL day. I changed into clean PJ's, but that's all I even did as far as changing clothes. And honestly, outside of having to take care of a migraine, it was a really nice day.

As I was making homemade pizza tonight, I started pondering what my "thankful" post would be about tonight. The last few have been based upon what I did during the day. Today, I never left the house. *giggle* Then it hit me.

My house.

One reason I'm thankful for this house is because He picked it out for me. I am ten minutes away from my job, and seventeen minutes from the Prayer Room. He also gave me MORE than I had prayed for, He gave me THREE bedrooms, when I had prayed for two. He also gave me 2.5 bathrooms when I prayed for two. *grin* He definitely had this place picked out for me! *grin*

Another reason I like this place is because it's ALL mine. If you're new to my world, you don't know this, but I went through the toughest season of my life on Beech Road. In the house on that street, I lived with two people, and (at the end) didn't even want to be at home due to circumstances beyond my control. Now, it's the opposite. I LOVE to be home. Granted, I now have Jay, who is better than any roommate I've ever had. But, now I can wake up, and do whatever I want. Free of all the emotions I once had in the Beech House Experience. You don't know what all that means, and that's okay. God knows. And tonight I'm thankful that I'm here, and no longer in that season of my life. *grin*

I also like this home because I know I'm blessed to have a roof over my head. Some people aren't as fortunate. I don't take that for granted. Not for one second. *grin*

I'm blessed to have this home.

Thank You, Lord. *grin*


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