Wednesday, November 14, 2012

#14 AmazingGal

Tonight my gratitude post is (again) about a person. I think it's cool how God puts just the right people in my path at just the right time. Today God did just that. *grin*

While I had several people support me today, I had one that unexpectedly was there for me. I'll nickname her AmazingGal for the sake of the post. I'm not sure how she'd feel about being named on my blog, but the name definitely fits her. *grin*

Turns out we were both having a so-so kind of day, and when we asked each other how things were going, I made a statement about looking forward to the upcoming break. Then she opened up, and I opened up, and I think we both felt better. We didn't go deep, I mean, it lasted all of about 2 minutes, but in that, God blessed me.

A little while later I checked email and she forwarded a quote my way that was exactly what I needed. How did she know I collect quotes? She probably doesn't, but it's currently stored in my iPhone. *grin* It was a blessing from God.

Four work days until break. I love my job, but am ready for some R&R.

Thank You Lord, for AmazingGal. I'm SO GLAD you put her at my school!


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