Thursday, November 15, 2012

#15 Laura

Tonight I'm thankful for my dear friend, Laura. Today is actually her birthday, which led to some text swappin' today, and some pondering of what a wonderful friend she is to me.

I can't exactly pinpoint what year God paired us up at my old church, but He definitely knew that we were both longing for a Godly friendship in our lives at that time. Laura turned out to be more than I had prayed for!

Even today, we see each other two or three times a year, but it's so neat because we just pick up where we left off. We never have that odd catch up period, we just kinda jump right in where we were the last time we hung out.

She's also been incredibly cool about my food limitations. We just know what works, and have our standard restaurants that we visit. Truthfully, Olive Garden is a great place to sit and chat. *grin* We tend to go deep in the Lord too, which is a lot of fun!

She loves God with all she has, and is definitely shining brightly for Him. That's my favorite thing about her. We talk and usually pray at some point while we're together too. I LOVE THAT! *grin*

Thank You, Lord for Laura. I'm blessed to be able to call her my friend. *grin*


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