Friday, November 16, 2012

#16 Mail From My Brother, Jeff

I had something to be thankful for, and then I went back through my Gratitude Posts, and I noticed that I've already been Grateful for my brother. But then I thought about it, and well, it's MY blog and MY rules, so I'm going to post about him again. *grin*

I haven't been myself lately. I can't pinpoint one single thing, I just haven't been me.

Jeff noticed. *grin*

Tonight I walked to the mailbox and there was a card.

I was like, "Wow, REAL mail!!!"

Then I came inside and read the card. I read it twice and just grinned.

Leave it to an AMAZING brother to pick up on the fact I've been slightly down lately.

The card was PERFECT, with the picture of a cute dog on the front and the perfect short note inside.

Thanks, JEFF! You're the BEST brother EVER!!!


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