Saturday, November 17, 2012


Tonight I'm thankful for Big Mike. *grin*

If there's one thing I've learned in my fourteen years of teaching kids, it's that kids teach us just as much (if not more) than teachers teach them. I know for me, Big Mike has been an example of that concept.

I had Big Mike back in my student teaching experience. He was a first grader and I was a young gal without experience with little (big) people. To be honest, that first grade year was a blur, but I was blessed because I was hired at that school and taught Second Grade LD.

Big Mike was one of my students, and we connected very well. He struggled with various things, but I was a big fan of Mike. (I was also a fan of all of those kids in that class, they all stole my heart.) I went on to have Big Mike in fourth and fifth grade too.

Looking back, I can't really remember the day-in and day-out stuff. What I remember was that Big Mike and the others felt comfortable telling me what they really felt and thought. I had a lot of respect for them because of that. They taught me a lot in those four years. I'm a better teacher today because of that first class I had. *grin*

Since Big Mike's fifth grade year, we've stayed in touch.

I was there for him the day he got kicked off the eighth grade basketball team. He showed up in my classroom to talk about it. I was blessed by that. There were several other days he showed up just to say "Hi" and that ALWAYS blessed me.

I also attended a church function of his, as well as his High School Graduation. I was HONORED to be invited to Graduation. That blessed me immensely as it was the first one I was invited to attend. And to be invited by him, really blessed me.

I also continued to attend at least one football game per year. I know he enjoyed that, and I REALLY enjoyed it too. Even in college, I attended a game in KC that he played. While his team lost, it was still good to be there to see him. *grin*

He helped me move out of the Beech Road Experience and into an apartment. Then he helped me move here to KC. He even drove the U-Haul truck and helped unload it here before we headed back to Joplin to return the U-Hail truck. *grin*

He's turned into a fine young man and he married the perfect gal for him. I really believe that. I sat there this afternoon watching him up at the altar with his wife, and I was SO proud of him.

I remember worrying about him when he was at CF, and prayed that he would graduate and finish college.

This afternoon I sat there, and was proud of him in a way I have never felt about anyone else.

I am so glad he was put in my life 14 years ago. He has grown into a great guy, and I am blessed that God used me along the way to help him. Mike has helped me along the way too, without even knowing it.

He taught me that just by being me, God used that. Within that, kids like Mike have been positively impacted and their lives are better because of that.

Big Mike and his wife started their official life together tonight. I was blessed to be invited to see it. Selfishly I pray I'm invited to all of their other big events in life. Even if I'm not, that's okay. I will forever be a Big Mike fan, and he knows it. *grin*


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Mike Jenkins said...

Ms. Springer,
Thank you so much for being there on my big day. you have been there and will always be there for me in time of need. You thought me a lot of helpful things in the past that i can remember , the biggest thing was i was so scared to go to middle school because of my learning issues, but you sat me down and talked to me in a way that worked for me. Thank you. Another thing was when you came and watched a football game and we lost and i was in a bad mood but you and your parents caught me before i got to the locker room and said " you played a great game" those five words meant a lot to coming from you. I can remember when i won that car for you for a month and seeing your face light up was priceless. You will always be a big part of my life. I love the fact that God put you into my life and has kept you in it. Please tell your parents hi for me and my wife
Your friend,