Monday, November 26, 2012

#26 My First Group of the Day

Tonight I'm thankful for my first group of the day!

We begin each day with our intervention groups, and I have three really neat kids in my group! I have a low group, but that is on purpose since I'm a Special Education Teacher. *grin* I don't have the lowest, but I do have a group that is learning how to blend words together. At first I thought I wouldn't like it, but honestly I do!

The three kids I have are really sweet and work REALLY hard to understand what I'm teaching them. I am so incredibly proud of them! Our time frame is only thirty minutes, and that time FLIES for me! I REALLY enjoy it!

While I'm not guaranteed to keep the kids I have because we look at data every six weeks to see how the kids are doing, I selfishly hope I get to keep them! They are a special group.

19 school days until break. While it seems like I'm counting down because I don't like my job, that's not it. I do it because when I tell the kids that, they smile and laugh. After that, the laughter and smiles become highlights of my day!


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