Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Blog Taken Over by Jay!

Hey People!

What is up? It's been a while since I've been on here! Ms. Springer is ALWAYS on this computer and it drives me NUTS. I look at the wall all the time while she types. It makes her feel BAD for being on this thing all the time!

You know what else she did? She baked cookies tonight and didn't give me any! She said something about me not being able to eat chocolate! What's up with that? She can eat it all she wants and I get shafted! It seems wrong to me!

Also, something else I want to bring up, what's up with these things called books? She reads them A LOT. I mean, during commercials, and even before that little light goes out and we sleep for a really long time until it's light again. What's up with that? I'm cuter and she should pay ALL of her attention to me.

She tells me to "hop" a lot. That's code for I'M TIRED OF PETTING YOU, GO AWAY. What's up with that? I'm adorable! She should WANT to pet me ALL THE TIME!

Finally, she was here A LOT last week, and we cuddled a lot while she watched that screen here in this main room we are in. It was awesome! Now, she's back to being gone all day. I don't like that. It means we're together for a little while after it's dark and then she reads and sleeps. I want her home during the day again.

I know it seems as if I'm complaining. I am.

I really do like living here. There are good things around here.

Did you know that she gives me food scraps? She does, every night! It's really cool! She throws them and I catch them! It's fun!

She also cuddles with me when she first wakes up. It's not very long, but she talks to me before she says, "hop" and we come downstairs. She tells me a lot of stuff that she doesn't tell many people because she says I won't tell anyone. I really like that she trusts me with that stuff.

She also wraps me up in my blanket while she gets ready to leave everyday. She tells me that she loves me. It's sweet.

Okay, okay, now I get it. She's pretty cool. I may not understand everything, but I love her. She's pretty amazing. She says I gotta go because it's time to go outside for the last time before we go upstairs.

Thanks for reading! I'll type again sometime. Shhhh, don't tell her I was here. She'll never know.


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