Wednesday, November 07, 2012



I should mention that these posts are not in any order. I just post each day as it comes. *grin* So, as the month goes on, you might think, GEEE, shouldn't that have been #1. Nope. There's not an order to this experience. I'm just posting them in the order of revelation that I receive from God. *grin*

Yes, tonight I AM THANKFUL FOR SLEEP. Now, hang with me here, as I do have a short story to go with this new revelation of how AWESOME it is to get a good, deep, full night of SLEEP.

As an adult, I have ALWAYS been a fan of sleep. I'm also a wimp when it comes to feeling tired. For me, that's worse than feeling sick. So, I'm that adult that now goes upstairs early to read and sleep so I can wake up refreshed for the day. After all, I work with children all day. They deserve me at my best!

Recently I had a change in my medication for my Walking Stronger Journey, and it WRECKED my sleep routine completely!!! I was WIDE AWAKE at all hours of the night for three straight nights. I was awake more than I was asleep one night, and forgot how long the nights can be for those who normally are awake all night for various reasons. The next day, I was mush.

The kids were blessed because it fell on the weekend, but gosh I was wiped.

Since then the medication change has been changed again (Back to what it was originally, at my choice with docs permission.) and I'm experiencing FULL NIGHT'S REST and wake up RESTED. Ahhhh, I will NEVER take a good night's rest for granted ever again. *grin*

I should also mention that I just love sleep regularly. Naps are fun. I don't nap much though, as I'm not SLEEPY tired a lot during the day. However, I LOVE sleeping in. If you know me at all, you know that sleep is important to me, especially on Saturday mornings. *grin*

I also like that sleep at night leads us to a NEW DAY. I like how He knew that we would all need a new day to begin and have a better day than the one we're having now. And, that we're not stuck in one place, but instead we are blessed with rest and wake up to a new day! *grin* Not to mention, it gives us days to look forward to in the future as well. *grin*

So, yes, tonight I'm writing about SLEEP. It is a blessing from God, and I don't take one night of GOOD sleep for granted. After this past weekend, I doubt I'll ever take one for granted ever again. *grin*


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