Friday, November 30, 2012

Catching Up! *grin*

Wow, Jay took over the blog, and then the week was put into high gear. Actually, I have a confession to make. It's quite serious, so please be nice to me. *grin*

It hit me early in the week that my tags were due at the end of this week. Silly me, I thought I had one more year on this cycle. That's silly, it's an even-numbered year, of course I owe for my tags! *giggle*

So, I have played this game since I moved here but it was long ago. I didn't remember where I went for an inspection. I was pretty sure I knew where my tax receipts were though, so I thought I was in good shape. I did have an initial problem though, I couldn't find my postcard for the renewal. *grin*

So Wednesday I went to the DMV to see what I needed for sure. Yep, inspection, receipts, and proof of insurance. Not a problem.

Thursday I went for an inspection. After trying THREE places, I finally found a place that could do one for me. *grin* They were super nice, and I was SO happy! (It took out an hour of my evening to get that done.) Then I came home last night to find my receipts.

Yea, after an hour of looking around my usual "safe spots" (and a call to my awesome brother), I hopped online with one receipt to see what I needed to do. Guess what? You can print past receipts for FREE! *grin*

Today after school I went to the DMV with all the papers, and now have a car tag for TWO years. Surprisingly, my wait was only thirty minutes. I was shocked by that, as I was expecting a lot longer and took a book for the long wait! *grin*

After reading for thirty minutes, I paid my dues and walked out with what I needed to be legal. And, honestly, I had a goal to do so without taking off work to do it! I had to admit I was grinning as I drove home tonight because I did just that! *grin*

I've learned two things through this whole experience:
1. Next time do my tags online.
2. Keep my receipts in ONE SPOT ALL THE TIME.


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