Sunday, January 20, 2013


I am not really sure where to start this post, as SO MUCH happened today that I want to share! *grin* Today was AMAZING!!!

I had been stuck. For quite a while I had been struggling with sermons at my church. It wasn't because they were bad, I just didn't walk out of services closer to Jesus, and that was REALLY bothering me. I had told the Lord that it was all weird because I'm blessed to be a part of a church body that has so many gifted speakers. But I had been telling the Lord that I wanted more. This had been going on for MONTHS. To the point, I haven't been IN church in a while.

I'll confess, I've been listening to sermons the past few months via the web. After shuttles, I was doing my Sacred Trust hours in the GPR. Please don't think ill of me, I was just stuck. Today that changed.

I knew the main teams were in Orlando for the conference, so I listened this morning and was SO EXCITED when ALLEN HOOD was preaching. *grin* Allen is my favorite preacher on the Base. I love Mike, but Allen has always seemed to preach right where I'm at.

In addition to Allen, Julie Meyer preached too!!! I'm also a fan of Julie, as the Lord speaks to her through dreams. As Julie shared, I felt the Lord drawing nearer to me in that sermon. I sat down while I was here at home and just listened.

I didn't care I was going to be late for shuttles.

God had finally answered my prayers.

I did finally get up and leave, as the sermon was about serving Jesus. *giggle*

I was able to hear the end of the sermons while driving the shuttle. And, I felt different. Very, very different.

Sometimes Jesus touches us deeply, and it's beyond what words can begin to describe. That's how I felt.

I went to the Prayer Room after that.

While the 2pm-4pm team the past month has been okay, I prayed last week for a new team. I am typically in there one afternoon per week, so I wanted someone new. Today He did that! *grin*

At 2, Ryan Kondo came out, and I just smiled. It was a great set, and (as usual) time flew by. I stayed in the Prayer Room until 6:30. *grin*

I can't describe to you WHAT He did in me. But I can say, it was the BREAKTHROUGH I've been praying for.

I had felt like He had stopped hearing me.
I had felt like He had been silent.
I had felt like I was in a drought.
I hadn't walked away.
I was still here.

However, I was stuck.

Today He spoke to me over and over again in the Prayer Room.
I just smiled again and again.
It was as if my long-lost friend had come home. *grin*

Today was amazing. I love that He chose Allen and Julie to jump-start it.

I plan on spending more time in the Prayer Room tomorrow, as we don't have school. *grin*

God answered my prayers.

I'm happy in a way I haven't been in months.

Thank You, Jesus!!! *grin*


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