Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Gift From God

I have blogged several times about Karen, but this week God gave me an extra little blessing to me through her that I wanted to share.

When I walked out of Beech Road several years ago, something God and I talked deeply about for several months was friendship and all the emotion that I put into that previous one. I was walking in a lot of hurt and yet I made a decision then that I WOULD NOT let that experience hinder me in my ability to love others unconditionally. To love others as He would call me to love. I knew that would mean loving imperfect people and would get hurt again, but I also knew that I did NOT want to be that wounded bird for the rest of my life.

Then God put Karen on my heart.

Karen pours out His love to His kids everywhere she goes. I have admired Karen for that since before I really knew her, and have prayed for her for years. He has blessed her time and time again as she has loved those around her. I told God, I wanted to be a friend TO HER. He answered that prayer.

Fast forward to this past week. She was headed back to France, and I was invited to be a part of her leaving. God clearly has His hand on her life, and I wasn't sad at all that she left. I was excited that she was going where He wanted her to be. *grin*

We sat and talked about her trip, about my onething12 experience, and everything in between. I loved it.

Right before we parted ways, we prayed.

That is my FAVORITE thing to do with my friends. *grin*

I pray all the time for Karen, but it is always fun to pray WITH Karen. After I prayed for her, she prayed for me, and what came forth has had me smiling since then. *grin* I'm not going to get into what He gave me in those moments, as those are between us. I will say, that short prayer was probably the highlight of my week. *grin*

I pray that you have someone as amazing as Karen in your life. Karen's friendship in my life brings me closer to the Lord daily. I LOVE THAT.

I'm also excited because she's in France doing what He created her to do!

The cool part is that I can pray for her from here, and He can bless her there!

Thank You God for Karen. You made someone INCREDIBLE when you made her.


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