Friday, January 25, 2013


Wow, this has been one BUSY, BUSY week. It was good, just busier than most. I guess that makes sense (sitting here Friday Night blogging) since we were out Monday that day started off busy and never stopped. *grin*

I have a story to share from Physical Therapy this week. I was paired up with Z. again, and he taught me something really cool.

As it turned out, we had the gym to ourselves. I like it when that happens. That means I get to have a special obstacle course because we don't have to share the area with other clients. I was excited because Z. doesn't make anything easy for me. He makes me work for it, which is the way it should be.

So, after doing my walking warm-up, he set up the course, and I was smiling. I should state that my toe was hurting on this day due to all the walking I did that day. However, I refused to use that as an excuse. *grin*

On the course was a new obstacle. It was a thick, grey, balance board. It was made of foam, and I had never stepped on it. I was nervous, but willing to do it because that's what Z. asked me to do.

When I first stepped on it, I held onto the table that was next to it. It was INCREDIBLY difficult to balance. Z. held onto the belt that we use for him to support my balance. I was still nervous, which did not make sense because he would NEVER let me fall...he never has and never will.

We did the course once and then he had me walk over to the grey balance foam, and made me just stand on it. He helped me balance and learn where my sense of balance should be. He noticed that I refuse to put weight on my left foot. I told him I don't TRUST it. He said he knew that.

But now it was time to TRUST the leg.

It wasn't easy, but after some time I was able to balance without holding onto Z. I had learned the center of balance. It felt foreign to me, as that's not where I am usually. It took time, but I did it.

After that, we did the obstacle course several times. I got better and better each time, and TRUST was something we talked about a lot as I did the course. I never realized how little I trust my left leg.

What I learned Tuesday Night was balance and TRUST in that leg.

It won't surprise you to hear that I have been thinking about my word for 2013 and TRUST was what I was feeling led to by the Lord. I could tell you the dialogue between the Lord and me, but I won't. I will say, TRUST is my word for 2013.

So, when TRUST was the theme Tuesday Night at Physical Therapy, I was smiling. *grin*

I wish I could say I TRUST everyone, in every situation, every time I'm in a situation, but I struggle from time to time in that.

So when the newest Chris Tomlin CD came out, and SOVEREIGN was on it, it spoke to me right where I'm at. *grin* (Highly recommend the album, by the way!) Trust is the theme in that song. It's on repeat in my car CD player. *grin*


Yep, learning to balance in this journey called life.



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