Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"You Got This, Shannon"

So, I almost blogged last night, but I was bummed. I don't blog in that mindset, as that's not fair to you, as my reader. Plus, there's more emotion in it than needs to be, so it makes me out to be something I'm REALLY not. I'm a healthy gal, who just sometimes has a bad day.

I had a student push me down yesterday. I'll spare you the details, but I will say my pride was hurt more than anything else. Sure, the kid was simply upset and I was in his way, but I was still bummed.

I got in my car and my new Chris Tomlin CD came on and my favorite song, "Sovereign" came on. The one phrase that opened up the floodgate of tears was:

"...God whatever comes my way, I will trust you..."

So, after I had my time with the Lord (You don't need to know our chat, it was between us.) I figured whatever was going to happen today was going to happen. There was ZERO I could do about it.

This morning, after our intervention time, I walked in my room and saw the boy who shoved me working with my para. I looked over at my table and there was a bag with flowers in it.

I stopped and looked at the boy who pushed me.

He told me to go open the bag. He told me to get the M&M's out of the bag and the flowers out too.

I grinned ear-to-ear.

Sure enough, the boy brought me M&M's and flowers. He also wrote a nice little note saying he was sorry. I fought tears. Honestly, the card was my favorite, and is stapled to my bulletin board now. *grin*

After school I had Physical Therapy. (Yeah, there's more to this story)

I told Z. my story about being pushed yesterday, and how I REALLY wanted to work on balance so that that wouldn't happen again. So, we did. We did four balance exercises. During the first one, something happened that really spoke to me.

See, there's a balance board (Which is basically a wooden checker board that tilts when you stand on it and you lean backward and forward.). I love the balance board. When we go to side-to-side it's easy. When I go front to back, it's a whole different story.

I stand on the board, (in front of the big mirror) and there's a bar I can hang onto if I lose balance. At the same time, Z. stands there to help me balance as I lean forward and backward. At first, he let me look in the mirror (at my feet) to keep balance. Then he said, "Okay, now close your eyes."

I knew that was coming, and that's challenging for me. I can go forward well, it's going backward that's harder for me.

And at one point Z. whispered in my ear, "You got this, Shannon."

I smiled.

And, I did it. *grin*

The rest of the exercises went well, with those four words ringing in my ear.

I realized I cheer kids on all day, and I don't hear it everyday.

Do I need to? No, I'm an adult, but sometimes, days like today need to happen to make days like yesterday seem a little bit easier.

As I got in my car after a rather tiring session with Z. doing various balance obstacle courses and being held to the highest standard possible, I stopped and sat for a moment in the car.

And you know what I heard in my ear the moment my thoughts drifted to work?

"You Got This, Shannon."

Thank You, God.


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