Saturday, January 12, 2013


So, I have been addicted to a new book series lately. When I say addicted, I mean every chance I've had, I've been reading. In fact, I did not allow myself to read until my schoolwork was done each night because I knew if I started reading I wouldn't get my work done because I couldn't put it down. *grin*

I should start at the beginning.

In December I was walking around Barnes & Noble looking for a gift for my brother. I found myself in the teens section of the book store.

I should stop here and state that there are two stores I should not go into on a regular basis. Book stores and card stores are two of my favorite stores to go into because I always find something new I want. *grin* I am on a budget though, so don't worry. *giggle*

As I was walking through Barnes & Noble, I stumbled upon the series CRANK by Ellen Hopkins. I read the back of the book, and immediately wanted to read it. HOWEVER, my personal rule is to not buy anything for me until after the holidays, as gift cards are often given and I can always add it to my wish list. (Go ahead, laugh, yes, I do a wish list for the family. Some day when there are Springer Grandchildren, the focus will be on the little people. For now, there are still wish lists. *grin*) I got home that night and added it to my list.

I will admit, I was hoping Scienceguy would give to me. Our thing is to swap books for Christmas. And, on Christmas morning, I unwrapped CRANK (The book). I wanted to read it right then & there at our Christmas gathering, but I knew that would be rude, so I waited until I got home. My sister-in-law did state that she had read it, and was surprised that I wanted it, as it is a tense series. That didn't change my mind, which wasn't her point anyway, it actually made me want to read it more.

As I started this series, I realized how different it was from what I usually read. However, I actually felt God in it. (God can use anything, I really believe that.) He was showing me what I was spared and protected from. I felt blessed beyond words, and tweeted that fairly often.

The CRANK series is about a teen that falls into the world of Meth.

I'll be the first to admit, I was naive into the world of drugs. I never did them, and never had a desire to do them.

I was part of the "Just Say No" generation. I can still remember the classes in elementary school where we role played those scenarios of being offered drugs and saying "no". However, that wasn't what truly kept me from drugs. (Sorry former teachers, it wasn't.)

I just never wanted to do them.

I remember going to parties as a teen where drugs were being done, and I was offered some, but I thought it was gross. I didn't even want a cigarette because I had seen how hard it was for my parents to fight that addiction. They always said, "If you don't start, that's how you quit."

So, I just never did the drug thing.

I have seen ads over the years that have said Meth can ruin a life. I just never knew exactly how or what the cycle was about. Now I get it, and I'm thankful that it was is/was a scene I never started.

I never knew how much I was protected and what a good life I have right now.


I now have a whole new heart for those stuck in that cycle. I have added them to my prayer life. I used to think, "Just stop." Now, I understand why "Just stop" isn't effective.

Yes, that series (CRANK, GLASS, FALLOUT) showed me that much.

I'll admit that it was intense, and I took a break from the series after GLASS to read something a little less intense. At the same time, by the end of that break I was ready to read the finale to the series. While it was a fictional series, it was somewhat based off Ellen Hopkins personal experiences with her daughter. I think that's what made me like it even more.

Do I recommend you read it?

That's up to you.

This is not an easy series to read.

However, if you have teens, work with teens, or have a heart for teens, it is something to consider.

As for me, I plan on reading all of Ellen Hopkins books. I'll space them out though, as "tense" isn't what I want to read ALL THE TIME. *grin*

It's helped me fall even more in love with reading again, believe it or not.

So, I'm gonna go now. Time to pick another book to read from the stack of books I got from Christmas. Books are the best gift ever, but that's just my opinion. *grin*


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