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Onething 2012

As this week has gone by, I have given a lot of thought to Onething 2012. I have just been so busy that I haven't blogged. This is a busy season for teachers, as grade cards go home this coming Thursday. *grin* However, I want to take a moment and share a few things about the most recent Onething that I attended. Honestly, this is more for me than for you, but I pray it blesses you as you read this post. Sometimes life just gets busy and I know (at least for me) life starts back up and it's easy to forget those mountain top experiences. I just won't want to forget the amazing things God did in me and through me in those four days. Yeah, I could journal, but I type faster than I write, and somewhere in here I think God has something for you. *grin*

I had a monster of a cold, and it was the first one I can recall having where my voice didn't work right. I didn't let that stop me though. I did everything as if I felt fine, but let me tell you, I'm glad that the word says, "Make a joyful noise" because that's all I could do at some points in the conference. *giggle* The best news is that He loved it. A bonus was that LOTS of people around me wore ear plugs due to the volume being so loud. I don't think anyone other than the Lord could actually hear me. *grin*

I started out serving in the shuttles. Shuttles are a constant favorite activity for me on the base, as I get to meet some INCREDIBLE people in that 25 minute drive from IHOP-U to Bartle Hall. I met quite a few people from different states, and prayed for a few, which was fun.

I also did the Red Bridge to IHOP-U route. On our first day of the conference there were a lot of people sitting over at Red Bridge and it was decided we needed a shuttle running from Red Bridge to IHOP-U. At first I wasn't jazzed about that, as I wanted to be in the midst of the Onething hustle and bustle. However, I found out very quickly that I was where He wanted me to be. Over and over again He placed people in my path that I could encourage and pray for, and by the last day of the conference when I showed up to drive shuttles and they asked me what route I wanted, I told the guy in charge of shuttles, "Doesn't matter, whatever you need." It turned out that was a tremendous blessing to him, and while that surprised me, I understood. We all wanted to be in the hustle and bustle of the conference, so a willing driver to do Red Bridge made his life easier and he let me know that several times. Once again, He quietly let me know that I was where I needed to be.

My favorite passengers were a mother and a son that got on at Red Bridge. The mother got on and said, "Sorry to make you wait, but my son as Cerebral Palsy, so he walks slowly. He's coming." I smiled and said, "I have CP too!" That led to an amazing conversation, and by the end of it, I met her son and was blessed that they were here for Onething. I gave her my contact information, and hope she contacts me. I'd love to help her son, as he's moving here for an internship. I think that would be fun.

After driving shuttles each day, I attended the conference. The first two days I was in the Prayer Room the whole time. I just felt led there, and over and over again He met me there. I was able to hear some of my favorite worship leaders, and some I hadn't heard in a while. It really didn't matter who was leading though, because He met me there over and over again. It was amazing.

I also took time to just sit and read. I work so hard at home by bringing schoolwork home to grade, chart, or enter in the computer (which is fine, that's my job) that I don't sit and read as much as I would like during the school year. So, it was really neat to sit and read in between those moments where He met me.

I also prayed for people when He led me to do so. On the first afternoon, He led me to a young man and I prayed over him and a word came forth for him. The fun part was that I saw him a few more times throughout the conference. We always smiled at each other, and knew that the Lord had guided us together for the weekend. I never talked to him again, but I knew He was working on the young man, and it was fun to watch.

Sunday Night I REALLY wanted to go upstairs for worship at 7pm, and He told me to stay put. Which was fine, it's not like the Prayer Room is torture for me. *giggle* Around 8pm we were encouraged to get in groups and pray. A young lady came over and asked me if I wanted to pray with her. By the end of our prayer time, I knew she was why He had me sit there the whole time. She was sweet, and while it was appeared she was new to the "CP" walk, she was very encouraging. He gave me a word for her too, and there was so much JOY in that, I just smiled.

After that, I went upstairs with her to Misty's concert. Misty's concert was the first time I had been in the main auditorium for a length of time, and honestly was one of my favorite events of the whole conference. I can't really put into words what He did in me at that time, but I will say I LOVED it. She recorded a live album at that time, and I'm happy about that, but that wasn't the coolest part for me. The coolest part was meeting with Him during the worship. It was WONDERFUL and something that I can't put into words.

Monday after shuttles I went to the prayer room. Jon Thurlow was leading worship and I was JAZZED. He is one of my all-time favorite worship leaders on the base, and it was SO MUCH FUN to enter in with his team. It was one of those unforgettable sets. I did pray for a couple people, but honestly just being in Jon's set was amazing for me.

I left the set before the next one came on because I knew that would make me stay into the next set and I REALLY wanted to be upstairs for Cory's set. So, I went to the bookstore and bought Misty's book. *grin* Don't ask me how it is, as He hasn't led me there yet, but I do have it and look forward to reading it. I honestly thought I'd read it before the evening service started, but He had other ideas. *grin*

I walked into the auditorium and debated about how far up to go for a seat. I was sitting by myself, so it would be easy to go up close, but I wanted to be one of the first to shuttles afterward too. *grin* So, I settled for the last floor section in the back. Turned out, that was where He wanted me.

I sat down and a gal was sitting alone behind me. I started a conversation (I know you're shocked to hear that) and learned that she had a headache. So, we prayed. It was GREAT. Then I sat down. The plan was to read. Then Cory did a sound check. *grin*

The lights went out (for the most part) and I just listened.

When the set started, I just grinned and I don't think I stopped grinning. He did favorites from the Awakening, last year's Onething, and a new one that I connected with right away. I didn't stop smiling the whole time. His team came back after the sermon, and we danced. I haven't danced in a year. I danced as we entered in the new year to "Joy". It was something I don't think I'll ever forget, as it was pretty sweet. (Plus, Wes messed up the countdown, so we did it twice, who would forget that?) *grin*

The conference also allowed me to host a camp friend and a couple of her friends. True to form when I host IHOP-KC visitors, I rarely saw them, but when I did they blessed me immensely and I was SO HAPPY that they came to stay with me. *grin*

I did get to bump into one of the ladies at the conference, and we talked and prayed. Gosh, I love those girls. They have such a heart for the Lord. *grin*

Overall, I'd say this was a REALLY memorable Onething. It was my eleventh Onething, which is amazing for me to ponder. From shuttles, to the Prayer Room, to Misty's Concert/Worship set, to Cory's leading us into 2013, it was INCREDIBLE.

You won't be surprised to hear, I can't wait for Onething 2013. However, there's a lot of living to do until then. *grin*


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