Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Z.'s Obstacle Course...AGAIN. *grin*

Today after school I had physical Therapy. My toe was hurting, and due to the CRAZY weather change, I was STIFF in my legs. With the combination of my toe and stiffness, I was a little nervous as PHYSICAL EXERCISE is required during therapy. *grin* However, I knew Z., and I knew it would be okay.

I entered the building, and saw all of the regular employees, which was really cool. I've missed them because the past few weeks I haven't seen a few of them since before Christmas.

Woody was one of them, who asked how the walking was going. I told him it was good, but I was stiff today. He said that the weather sometimes does that. *grin* He knows me well. He went on to say he got a new client with CP, and he used my walking journey to inspire the young lady as she is struggling with walking due to CP too! He asked me if I'd be willing to meet her and talk to her. I told her I'd be happy to! That made me *grin*.

Z. and I headed back and he had the obstacle course set up. He offered to help me stretch, which was really cool. That helped me immensely. I forgot how much just stretching does for me! It was really good. Then we moved to the obstacle course.

Of course, Z. never does the same course two weeks in a row. We always try something different each week. I like that, as I am constantly being challenged, and if I don't do it well, he makes me re-do it. I like that a lot.

The GREY FOAM was placed on the opposite side of the gym. In other words, there wasn't the extra table to hold onto. I was initially nervous, but remembered last week's words of "I won't let you fall." That being said, I was still (honestly) slightly nervous. *grin* Of course, you know the story doesn't end there.

We started out, and the obstacle course was really cool. It was longer, but it was all about balance. There were three steps, which I needed help on initially, but by the end of our time together, he gave me an A- on the steps! I really didn't need him as much as I have before, which was a highlight for me.

I did fairly well with the cones. I have to walk through cones without letting the leg swoop through it or drag. I'm getting really good at that too. I used to really struggle, and now I'm doing it without any help of Z. He puts those throughout to kind of give me a break between the steps and the balance boards.

Speaking of the balance boards, I had four I had to walk across in a row. Three of them were easy, but in the MIDDLE was the GREY FOAM. I apparently have a love/hate relationship with the grey foam board. It's really good because it challenges me in the world of balance more than anything I've ever done. On the other hand, it shows me how much I need to balance on both legs which is out of my comfort zone.

That being said, I did get better at it. I didn't master it, as it's a thick balance pad, and requires A LOT of balance, but I did get better. The trick for me is to stop and get my balance. My entire life has been to start moving and when I lose balance keep going to catch up with myself. Has that been helpful? Sometimes. But, I need to learn how to be slow and controlled in my movements. *grin*

We were joking at the end that I hate the grey foam.

I don't though.

I will get it. It will take time, as I'm re-learning some things, but that's okay. I'll get it.

I keep telling Z. I feel like I'm preparing for Camp. You might be going, HUH?

Well, the whole purpose of the obstacle course is to prepare me from solid ground, to rough ground. Also known as CAMP. *grin* I have four months until I serve for a whole week. I'm thinking of all of this as my own training camp. *grin*

I don't have Physical Therapy again until next week. I'll be practicing my balance between now and then. *grin*


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