Friday, February 15, 2013

Better Than This *****

Tonight I want to post about a play a went to see at Church. I will admit, I haven't been to any of our other Forerunner Arts plays, but when I was invited last Sunday to go with a friend from Immerse, I was excited.

Jaye Thomas played the lead role, as a young man wanting to be famous in the music world, while not caring about what God had in store for him. I will admit, the fact Joe was played by Jaye made me want to go. Jaye has always been a favorite of mine (I have a long list of favorites, I think.) and I looked forward to hearing him sing tonight in the play.

I'll admit, it was weird to see him play this kid who was turning his back on the Lord (in his own way) and doing his own thing since Jaye is the exact opposite of that. Jaye is one of those men who is strong in the Lord and will not change in that. I strongly believe that.

I REALLY enjoyed the music in the production. That isn't a surprise though. I mean, I spend hours in a room with music singing to Jeuss. *grin* My favorite song of the show tonight was "Better Than This." I hope we sing it again in the future.

In the end, Joe, discovered who he was in God. That's my kind of story!

After that I went to the Prayer Room where Sarah Edwards led worship.

I'd say that was a GREAT night.

I'm not sure if the play will be available online or not, but if is I HIGHLY recommend it.

I had one thought as I sat there and watched the play, and it came to me again in the GPR.

THANK YOU, GOD FOR LETTING ME MOVE HERE. I am SO BLESSED to be a part of a the wonderful IHOP-KC community.


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