Thursday, February 14, 2013

Four Day Weekend! *grin*

This week has been REALLY good. The little people have been TONS of fun this week. My favorite group today were my fifth graders. We laughed a lot and played reading games for the first time in MONTHS. The kids enjoyed it, and I did too. It was a really great way for me to start the weekend.

The unusual lesson I learned today is that some kids REALLY don't like even that amount of change. I had one little boy who didn't want to do the fun activities in my room. He wanted his usual work. So, I let him. *grin* I figured if that made him happy, that worked for me!

I am excited for the weekend. I have a few plans, as well as some time to relax. *grin*

I'm praying toward a ministry trip in a few weeks. It's been a while since I've done a ministry trip outside of Barnabas. I'm so excited because I'm hooking up with a team from IHOP-KC! I'm EXCITED!!! I'm planning on spending some time this weekend on praying toward that weekend.

Tonight, I'm headed upstairs with a NEW book. I'm hoping to read a couple books this weekend.


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