Saturday, February 16, 2013

One Great Day

Today was a very nice day for me. It seems odd to want to blog about something as mundane as my day, but it was a day I want to remember.

It started with a meeting for a ministry trip I feel led to go on in a few weeks. I didn't know much about the details, so I was excited about going. The whole meeting lasted a little over an hour and I left excited about the trip. It will be a busy trip, but I'm excited in a way I wasn't beforehand. I will be praying a lot until the trip, but it will be GOOD.

Tonight I went to FCF and REALLY enjoyed it. Audra led worship, and I just had a blast. I met someone who saw my Barnabas sweatshirt and a new friend was in my world! *grin* I also prayed for people, which was a lot of fun.

After service, I stayed for more worship. It's hard to explain, but I just need to be there these days. So, it was really good. Around 9:30, joy broke out and people went up front to dance. It was a blast!

I also talked to a friend, who prayed for me and the Lord spoke through her into my life. The cool thing was that I didn't even ask for prayer, and she has NO IDEA what's up in my little world. It was a blessing from the Lord. I LOVED IT.

I'm excited for shuttles tomorrow followed by Prayer Room.

Four day weekends ROCK.


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