Tuesday, February 12, 2013


For the past month, I have been blogging about the grey foam board at Physical Therapy. Tonight, I have an AWESOME update! *grin* (It's not like the title didn't give it away or anything. *giggle*)

I had physical therapy after school today, and was looking forward to it. Going once a week is perfect for me. It keeps me focused on my goals, and doesn't interfere with my work schedule at all. (Love the 4:45 time slot!)

I showed up and Z. was waiting for me. I was happy about that. I told him that Woody gave me an obstacle course last week. He asked me to compare his to Woody's. I kinda laughed and said something about how Woody's wasn't as detailed as Z.'s. We both laughed.

We headed back and started with basic balance exercises. While I was slightly bummed we didn't stretch, it worked out. I have an appointment for Botox later this month, so perhaps that will loosen me up too. *grin*

Okay, so we started with the balance board, and I can honestly say I'm doing better at it. Z. said I did the best ever on it, and I agree with him. It was really cool. *grin*

Next up was a SHORT obstacle course without the bands on my legs. I had to step over blocks. You would think that would be easy, but for me it's not. That's an entire balance exercise in itself for me. I did okay without the bands. Next, we added the bands. At that point, it was an entirely new deal. I TOTALLY take the bands for granted and don't realize how much they help until we do something like that. It was a really good lesson for me. *grin*

The last step was adding the GREY FOAM. I looked at the grey foam and told Z., "I have a love/hate relationship with that thing." He laughed. I was pleasantly surprised at how well I did with balancing on it as I walked across it. Z. was even surprised. Then he decided to make it more challenging.

He moved me over by the balance bar and told me to stand on the grey foam. (I had told him that Woody wanted me to do this, and just stand on it for 30 seconds. My high last week was 8 seconds.) Today I got up on the foam and started to fall. Then Z. gave me a lesson.

He showed me where our center of balance is actually found. I didn't realize how much it's in our hips. He was showing me the key to balance is in moving the hips according to what you need to do. This changed everything for me!!!

He moved back beside me and had me try again. I DID IT FOR THIRTY SECONDS AND KEPT STANDING THERE!!! I just stood there and smiled. He had me do it again and I kept doing it for OVER A MINUTE!

One month ago I hated that grey foam. Tonight I did it! I was SO HAPPY.

As I was driving home tonight, something came to me that the Lord spoke to me as I was getting ready yesterday. He spoke it through a radio announcer, and it really hit me in the heart. The statement basically said, "I have to believe that every little thing adds up." That's how this walking journey is for me. It's a lot of little steps adding up.

I find now that when I walk, I fall less.

I find when I walk now, I walk differently.

I'm not where I want to be, but every little thing adds up.


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