Monday, February 11, 2013

Love...I'm Starting To Get It

This past weekend I had my favorite camper, Ronni, for a visit. I met Ronni several years ago out at Camp Barnabas and LOVED her from the beginning. She has a smile that can light up a room and hugs that make me smile in a very big way. *grin* When her Mom asked if I would watch her while they went to a meeting all day Saturday, I was THRILLED. Typically I only spend time with her at camp, so this was very exciting for me!

My favorite part of the whole weekend was when we baked cookies and made homemade pizza together. We had K-Love music on, danced, laughed, and just had fun. Ronni sat on top of the cabinets and laughed. It was SO much fun! *grin*

We also watched movies, played Wii, and she organized my books. It was quite entertaining!

In the midst of all the fun, we did have a couple challenges. Now, before I share this, I want to state that I gained quite a perspective through the whole thing. You'll understand here in a moment. *grin*

Saturday afternoon the doorbell rang while we were playing Wii, and a boy was selling something. I typically support ONE kid per fund raiser. So, I stepped outside on the porch to talk to the kid and Ronni shut the door. She also LOCKED THE DOOR. Yeah, I'm not kidding on that one. My keys and phone were INSIDE the house. The amazing thing was that I felt PEACE. TOTAL peace. So, the neighborhood kid said, "I can get the money later." I thanked him and told him to come back by. In about thirty seconds, (tops) Ronni let me in. She looked at me and was ready for me to be mad. I just said, "Ronni, you can't do that. That makes me sad." Then she said, "I sorry Shanna." The kid came back, I paid him, and Ronni left the door open while I stayed on the porch. I wanted to show her I trusted her, and she didn't let me down. *grin*

A little while later, she went in the kitchen. I knew she was after the cookies. I hid them right after we made them and she went into the living room to play Wii. It was a God moment, as I had never had Ronni around food like that before. Out at camp food is separate, so I really had no idea how Ronni did around food that was available any time. So, Ronni was in the kitchen wanting cookies, (We had each eaten three and a half while baking, I didn't want her sick) and I told her no. What followed was drama similar to what I have seen out at camp. She hollered, went upstairs, tried to escape through the window, and I simply made sure she was safe. I was never mad at her, because she was just wanting a cookie, and that's okay. She came back downstairs, and I was sitting on the stairs looking at my phone pretending to ignore her. Ronni didn't know I had one eye on her. She was doing things for my attention. Finally she said, "Shanna, I sorry." We were good, and life moved on. *grin*

During both situations, I thought deeply about God's love for us because I NEVER stopped loving that precious little girl. I'm not any different than she is, I often want one more cookie even though I don't need one. *grin* Or, I just plain mess up when I know what the right thing to do is in the situation. I still loved her. And, the cool thing is, He loves us even better than I love her. I'm SO thankful for that.

I do know that my love for Ronni NEVER stopped, even in those tough moments. Instead, it made me love her even more. *grin* It made me think, "I'm starting to get this whole God-Love thing." Obviously the whole thing is bigger than this, but I'm STARTING to get it. *giggle*

I know that this past weekend with Ronni was amazingly cool for me. Cookies, music, Wii, movies, laughter, pizza, the list goes on and on. I could sit here and dwell upon our two rough moments, but I won't. God doesn't when I make a mistake. Instead, I'll reflect on the rest of the time, because this past weekend was a weekend of fun that I won't forget. Thank you God, for Ronni and her family who let me keep her. They are one amazing family.


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