Friday, March 29, 2013


Here I sit after KU just lost their game, and I'm actually okay with the loss. I'm not happy about it, but I'm okay with it. I didn't really expect them to win the whole thing because they have been so up and down this season. I think I'll cheer for FGCU now. They are the clear underdog now, and I kinda like underdogs. It will make the tournament fun.

I've done lots of private praying this week. I don't want to get into why, as that's not important. But I do want to share one thing He continues to show me as my prayer life gets strengthened in this season of my life.

Now matter what I'm facing, or the stress I feel, I have continued to feel Him throughout this process. That's something I don't take for granted, nor have I ever lost confidence in that. So no matter what's going on around me, or the amount of tears I shed (and a few have been this week, I won't lie) I have known that I'm special to Him and that NOTHING I do can ruin that.

He has given me some incredible support in people in my personal life that have given me life this week in ways I can't describe. I am loved incredibly well, and I'm so very thankful for each of them in my life.

I fully believe that I'm not the only one walking in a character-building season right now. So, if that is you, please know that He is with you. He is speaking to you, ready to hear your every thought, cry, and prayer.

I know that because this week He has personally been there for me. *grin*


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