Friday, March 22, 2013

Physical Therapy with Z.

I haven't had time to blog at all this week. I miss it when I can't blog, as it's a good avenue to journal (in a way, I do have a personal one that NO ONE but God sees) and share the little perspectives I gain the older I get. *grin* I love how there is always a new lesson to learn this side of Heaven. All that to say, I had Physical Therapy with Z. on Tuesday, but haven't blogged about it yet, and several people are following that part of my life, (and I'm grateful for each one of you!) so I wanted to blog about it tonight.

I showed up Tuesday for PT and REALLY wanted to stretch. That is EXACTLY what we led with, and I felt much better after that. The latest Botox treatment has me stretching more than I've ever stretched before because I'm sore. I'm not in MAJOR pain, but just sore enough to need to stretch the legs. Z. is awesome because part of his background is in stretching, and I felt great.

We also talked quite a bit about college basketball and the NCAA tournament. I'm looking forward to talking this next week, as we'll have plenty to chat about. *grin*

After that we walked a bit. My toe hurt because I had walked that day at work, but he showed me more tips for walking better. He also had me do posting, which isn't my favorite, but I am getting better at it.

Following posting, we did a small obstacle course to work on balance. It wasn't ALL hard, but it was challenging enough to make me feel as if I accomplished something when I mastered the big step. Steps are not easy for me, no matter what I have to do with them, but I am getting better. *grin*

In the end, he had me stand on a new gadget that is like a snowboard, but it shakes so you have to use your balance. It's in a corner, so I used the walls for support. I did get well enough for me to only touch the wall with my fingers, and it was a lot of fun. *grin*

I have stretched quite a bit this week, which has been good. While it's not the same as when Z. does it, it has still helped.

I have it again on Tuesday.

I can't wait.


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