Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Friends in the Lord *grin*

Tonight I want to post about another friendship the Lord has given me here in K.C. Last Summer when I went through Immerse, I met a wonderful woman in the Lord. I'll admit, we didn't "click" during that week, but we did talk that week. She called a couple times after she left for prayer, and before I knew it, she was here for the Simeon Company Internship. I was happy to have her here. *grin*

Since she's busy with the Internship and I'm busy teaching, we hang out on Sundays in the Prayer Room. For me, it's been a GREAT season to have a friend to sit by on Sundays in the Prayer Room. In the four years I've been here, it seems to happen in seasons. People come and go, which is part of the whole IHOP-KC deal. I'm okay with it too, the mission is to equip people to go out and do what they are created to do. *grin*

We had a sweet moment on Sunday that has been something I've thought about this week.

On Sunday we chatted before we went in the Prayer Room and then went in and took our usual seats. She put her stuff down and left for a prayer group, and I got out my school stuff and got to work. It was our usual routine. *grin*

At 5:50 Misty came out to lead, and I was so excited I about came out of my skin. Don't ask me why, I mean I live here! I ask myself that a lot, why am I excited when certain people come out, I see them regularly now. But, I was excited in that moment. My friend came back and I said, "Look who's next!" She grinned and said Misty is usually on at 7. I was going to leave at 7 to let Jay out, so I was especially excited. *grin*

We were about to enter in to worship with Misty leading and my friend turned to me and said, "Here, hold my hand." We worshiped for an hour like that. One hand in the air, one attached to my friend. It was an AMAZING hour of worship. It was clear that she needed that hour like that.

As for me, I'll admit the handholding was hard at times, as I was restricted in worship, but it was also one of the sweetest times I have had here, as I was reminded that He gave me a friend to sit by me again and love the Lord in a manner like I do.

I tend to think she'll move home after track 2 is over, and that's okay. I really believe that God has used this season in her life to prepare her for her home.

However, that hour is an hour I will never forget. I was there for a friend, and at the same time I was blessed to have a friend to experience the Lord with for a season.

I am blessed.


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