Saturday, May 25, 2013

Amazingly Fun Night #2

So, tonight I knew Jon was leading worship again, so I went. He wanted two nights to record so that he could pick which versions of the songs sounded best. It has been A LONG TIME since I've been in a Jon Thurlow set prior to this weekend, and I really didn't really how much I missed him leading worship. God has really anointed Him to lead His kids into His presence. And tonight that was true for sure!!!

I was able to find a seat on the third row, center, and REALLY enjoyed the set. It helped that I had heard the new songs last night, so I could enter in a little more tonight. It was fun.

My favorite chorus is still:


That connects with me on more levels than I could ever express to you in a blog post. That's okay though, it's between me and God anyway. *grin*

I know, from reading the jacket of one of his previous CD's, that he gave credit of that chorus to someone else, but I don't care. Any time I hear it, I think of it being a Jon Thurlow Team song. That's pretty common at IHOP-KC for me. Some songs just remind me of certain worship leaders. *grin*

I was pretty excited when I arrived and found out that Misty was preaching tonight too. While she used a common passage, it was with a new twist, and I liked it. She is a wise woman in the Lord, and I'm glad we have her at IHOP-KC. *grin*

So, the second night of Summer Break really feels more like a regular weekend night. At the same time, I have thought TONS about how happy I am for the break. Being able to sit and watch a movie without papers to grade, reports to write, or meetings to prepare for is exactly what I needed for a little while.

Thank You, God.


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