Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sermons *grin*

Years ago I was in a church that was...well...not healthy. And in that church there was a Mother's Day sermon that was the WORST Mother's Day sermon I am sure I will ever hear. Those who were a part of that season know the exact day I'm talking about. I remember walking out of that sermon thinking something along the lines of, "Shouldn't we honor women and Mother's on Mother's Day?" On that day, that wasn't what happened. Honestly, looking back, there was an immature pastor that was stuck in some things and struggled with encouragement from behind the pulpit at that time.

The next church I was in showed a GREAT change in that women were honored, and I even got roses from my spiritual kids. I knew God was starting to answer that prayer.

Tonight He REALLY answered it!

We had a guest speaker tonight at FCF, who gave an AMAZING perspective on Women and Mothers. I was in awe of the depth of the sermon, and how I felt honored, even as a single gal without kids. He brought revelation to the depth of what being a woman is, and how quickly that is not honored positively. I was SO blessed by tonight's sermon. Fortunately, they archive sermons each week, so I highly recommend tonight's sermon for any woman feeling in need of some encouragement. *grin*

After sermon time, there was prayer time. (There is always prayer time, which I like!) I went up for prayer, which I rarely do, and was encouraged immensely.

It was an AMAZING night. Definitely a Mother's Day I will never forget. *grin*

I love how this is YEARS later and He answered my prayer from back then about one little sermon. He is AMAZING!!! *grin*


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