Monday, June 24, 2013

An Answer to Someone Else's Prayers

I spent yesterday afternoon in the Prayer Room after I drove shuttles. That is definitely my thing on Sundays. *grin* I was blessed by each lead worshiper, and thanked Him again for placing me here. I say on shuttles that it's my favorite place EVER, and it really is true. *grin*

About 2:00 the Awakening Teen Camp (ATC) participants came in. Three rows of ATC girls sat in front of me. Many of them were NOT thrilled to be there. *grin* I love it when that happens, because by the end of the two hour set, they were completely happy in that room. That's not uncommon. God does that a lot in that room! *grin*

Around 3:00, I heard a sound from a table next to where I was sitting. (Tables are on the outskirts of the room.) Two young men were passing the time by flipping coins (I think coins, couldn't totally tell what it was.) on the table and in a quiet moment on stage, the coins were loud. *grin* The two looked out into the prayer room, and I smiled at one of them. He clearly wasn't into what the Lord was doing in that moment, and I had to smile anyway, because He has plans for that young man.

Around 3:45 I stepped out of the prayer room for a short restroom break and went back in. God told me to pray for them, and I did. Then He gave me a word for the young man I smiled at after the coin flipping incident. (I should mention, they did stop after that quiet moment in the Prayer Room.) I went ahead and gave the word before the ATC gal walked over and said they had to go. I apologized, and the young man got up and walked around his chair to face me. He told me that the word was right on because he had been praying specifically over that THE NIGHT BEFORE. *grin* PRAISE GOD!!! I grinned and told him it was God, not me. They left the room and I just grinned.

He is SO COOL like that!!!

So often I think we're called to say something to someone, and hesitate because we think we may be wrong. I encourage you to step out in faith and do it. You just never know, you may be the answer to someone else's prayer.


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