Friday, June 14, 2013


Back in the Winter of 2007 I had some symptoms that led me to have a colonoscopy. I will admit, it was my first one ever, and the prep was the worst part of it. *grin* Okay, well, and finding out that I had Crohn's Disease was pretty hard too. On February 14, 2008 I was positively diagnosed with Crohn's. It's amazing how you don't forget days you're diagnosed with things. *grin*

Since then, I have been on medication for it. I have also PRAYED for healing quite a bit. I'll admit, it wasn't everyday, but it was as I felt led. I have also had many people pray with me about it. *grin*

Now, if you don't know about Crohn's, it's not a curable condition, it's one that's to be managed. Hahaha! *grin*

I struggled a little in the beginning with Crohn's symptoms, but the past couple years I really haven't at all.

So, during my recent doctor visit about my Crohn's, we decided it was time for a colonoscopy. Last night was not the most fun night I've had, but I made it. (If you've never had the joy of the experience, consider yourself blessed.) I will state that Jay was GREAT with me last night! *grin*

All week I had prayed that the Crohn's would be gone. That NOTHING would show up today during the procedure.



Okay, so He answered quite a few people's prayers. *grin* (Thanks EVERYONE for your prayers, it's appreciated more than you know!) Now I want to shout it out to the world!!!

The moment they woke me up in the surgical room, they said it was gone, and I GRINNED EAR-TO-EAR. Then I wanted to go back to sleep. *giggle*

I thanked Him right away after that initial "I wanna sleep" thought. (I'm just being honest here.)

I will admit, I am closer to Him tonight through this because I thought healing was for other people, not for me. *grin* AWESOMENESS!

In case you're wondering, I am going to wean myself off the medication, and see how it goes. I was warned that it may come back, as it sometimes does. I'm not worried about that though, HE'S GOT THIS!

A quote came to mind to me tonight as I was pondering this and it was by my FAVORITE IHOP-KC speaker, ALLEN HOOD, "God still does this stuff." *grin* Yes, He does.


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