Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My First Sporting KC Match

Tonight I went with my younger brother to a Sporting KC game. It was my first experience at a Professional Soccer Match, and I was rather excited to experience it with Scienceguy.

We arrived at the stadium, and I had no idea where to go. Fortunately, Scienceguy was incredibly patient as I kept asking questions about the stadium, the game, etc. Once past the entry, we made our way to the Season Ticket Club Booth. We met a nice gentleman who explained that we would be joining the group in about ten minutes to go down in a gated area by the field to watch the players warm up.

Scienceguy took me into the stadium, and I was amazed at how nice it is! We stood at the top and he explained to me a little about the crowd dynamics, where our seats were located, etc. It was cool. Then we headed downstairs with the group.

We found a spot along the fence in the gated area, where we had PERFECT view of our team warming up. We had to wait a little while for the team to come out and I felt like a little kid waiting for Christmas. I found that mildly funny since I had never been to a game, so I didn't even know what I was about to watch. *grin*

The team came out, and I found myself even more in awe of soccer players. I am amazed at the amount of physical exercise it takes to play. Just watching them warm up made me *grin*.

Shortly before we left the gated area, one of the players came over to the area we were at. Initially he climbed the fence and moved over to an area I couldn't see. I didn't think much of it. Not long after that, he was making his way down the line, giving everyone fist bumps. He came to me and said something (I think it was something about my life is good hat, but I honestly don't know for sure.) and gave me a fist bump before continuing down the line. I just grinned. After the player was out of ear shot, I asked Scienceguy (and was incredibly embarrassed to ask, but hey, I've never really watched soccer.) who it was. He said, "Jimmy Nielson, he's the goalie that Dad and I met the other day at Rally House." I just grinned. My first game and I fist bumped a player! Awesomeness!

Following that, we went up to our seats. The sun was initially in our eyes, but not for long. I will say that I love those seats, as they are high enough up that you can see everything. Scienceguy was off getting drinks as the opening ceremonies occurred, but it was fun for me to see everything they do. *grin*

The game started and the opposing team scored right away. Next thing I knew, Scienceguy was beside me, telling me that I am not helping our team at all. *grin* I laughed.

I enjoyed watching the game itself, even though we lost. I enjoyed learning the chants and cheers (more than once I thought of camp, and how there's a whole community of chants there too!) and joined the crowd in cheering for our team. It was also fun to chat off and on with Scienceguy. We don't do a whole lot together, so to me it was cool to experience it with him.

On our walk out, I told Scienceguy that I never did see what happens with the crowd when Sporting scores, and he said, "Oh no, you're not allowed back, they lost." I just laughed. (We lost 1-0. Sporting never scored.)

I do hope to go again. I can't say I'm going to be a HUGE soccer fan, but I did enjoy watching it live. *grin*

My first game and I got to go down by the field during warm ups and fist-bumped Nielson.



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BuffBoi said...

The game grows on you pretty fast as you begin to catch on to what's happening. Wish Sporting had scored so you could have experienced the crowd's ( and team's) reactions.