Friday, July 12, 2013

Bum Status on Summer Break

The past couple days I have stayed inside with Jay and have been a couch bum. A COMPLETE couch bum. *giggle* And I have LOVED it.

I am enjoying this break immensely.

I usually enjoy summer break, but this year I'm REALLY enjoying it. I can't recall a Summer Break where I've relaxed this much, but I am thankful for it. *grin*

I did get out today. It was the first day in three days that I ventured out. I needed a few things from Wal-Mart, but honestly it was an excuse to drive the new car. *grin*

I have a little over a week before I leave for camp again. I plan on reaching bum status again on several other days as well.

I honestly want to be TOTALLY rested up when school stuff starts back up. I am already excited to see the kids, but am happy we have a couple more weeks before a workshop I'm attending begins. *grin* After all, I want to be the BEST teacher possible for those little people.

I just got done chatting with the two gals I have as roommates right now. They came in separately, and I wound up chatting to each about 45 minutes. It was really cool.

Summer 2013. Epic.

GREAT...with Summer Break happening. *grin*

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