Friday, July 12, 2013


Tonight my feet ache, but it was worth it. *grin*

Today I went with two kids I tutor to a new water park. It's called The Bay and is located in South Kansas City. In other words, VERY close to me. *giggle*

Last week, Drummerboy told me that there was a new water park near his house. I didn't know that, so I asked him if there was a website. He said he didn't know for sure, so we looked it up. As it turned out, there is a website. ( We did our research to see how much it cost ($9 for adults, but three dollars off from 5-7.). I was immediately excited! *grin*

I REALLY like water parks. I may be an adult, but I REALLY like water parks. *grin* I also really like water slides. It seems like the older I get, the more I like them. *giggle*

So, today when we arrived at THE BAY I was probably as excited as the kids I was with. The only bummer was that I left my swimming shoes at home. And because of today I will NEVER forget them again.

I was reminded how much I take for granted the swimming shoes. I realize I may look slightly odd with shoes on my feet as I go to various places (camp included) but I don't care. My swim shoes help me walk better on the hot ground. *grin* I now have two burnt toes due to the hot cement. I will NEVER forget them again. *giggle*

Back to the park, it was REALLY cool. It has a lazy river, three waters slides for kids and adults, and a pool that you can go in too. We never made it to the pool, we were too busy in the lazy river and the water slides. Honestly, I spent A LOT of time in the lazy river because of the lack of shoes on my feet. I'd like to go back again with my shoes, because I think I would do the slides A LOT more with the shoes on my feet.

I liked it A LOT because it's big enough to have slides and such, but small enough I could ride the lazy river and still see the kids as they did the slides. I REALLY liked that! *grin*

The slides were fun too. There were two regular slides that you could go down on tubes. They were both fun. There was also another slide that was like a swirl bowl. On the swirl bowl, you ride down a steep slide and land in the bowl where a person goes around and around before landing in a small pool area. It was INTENSE, but I REALLY liked it. That's another reason I want to go back is so that I can ride them again with swimming shoes on. *grin*

I have thought a lot about those silly shoes, and you know what, it's kind of like walking with the Lord. Sometimes you can walk stronger than at other times when you need His support. Today, I realized how much I haven't allowed Him to support me like I want Him to. Pretty cool...all because of silly shoes. *giggle*

Oh, and yes, I see THE BAY in my future again before school starts...with swimming shoes! *grin*


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