Saturday, July 13, 2013


Tonight I went to my second Sporting KC game. My first experience was earlier this Summer and the team lost. The team also wasn't playing with their full team because of the rules of the match. (Don't ask me, I'm still learning. *grin*) So earlier this week, my brother texted me about the game tonight. Long story short, I said I would go with him and the plan was made. *grin*

Tonight's game was A LOT of fun! It was the first time I experienced the team scoring points, and that was A LOT of fun. There were also fireworks before the game, which they did not have at the last game I attended. I just grinned as they went off. (I also jumped outta my skin at first.) *grin* I LOVED IT.

I enjoyed the game as well. I mean, we won, so who wouldn't enjoy that? *grin*

However, I felt like I really saw a TEAM tonight, as they passed the ball and controlled the ball MUCH better than the last time I was there. The seats that we had gave a GREAT view from above of the game. I am a fan, a BIG fan of those seats. *grin*

It was also a packed crowd tonight, with the highest attendance ever. (Or that's what I understood from the announcement made at the game.) I found that to be a lot of fun too. The last game was not attended as well because it wasn't an actual MLS game. (I'm learning this whole world of soccer.) Therefore, tonight was EXCITING for me. *grin*

We won 3-0. I LOVED it. *grin*

I now have a Sporting KC T-Shirt and a souvenir cup!

I'm now a fan. *grin*


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