Monday, July 08, 2013

Life is Amazing!

I have had a lot rolling around in my head, but haven't been blogging. Which is odd, to be honest. I had started several posts, but hadn't finished one. Nothing is wrong, I've just been pondering a few things. If you want to know what it is, please feel free to go ahead and read. If not, that's okay too. This is more for me than for you. *grin*

I have been pondering my car a lot. Yes, I said my car.

One week ago I walked in and traded in my old car for my new one. I have never had an automatic transmission vehicle before, and I'll be honest, I miss the shifting of the gears. I guess that's normal, but I didn't expect to feel this emotion. I thought I'd love the automatic. I do like the car, don't get me wrong. It is the nicest car I've ever had. I just didn't expect to miss shifting the gears. Weird. *grin*

I have also pondered sharing my house with KP. KP is a college student working on her degree in Occupational Therapy, and is staying with me while she does an internship. I met KP at camp several years ago, and we immediately clicked. Since camp, we've stayed in touch, and when she approached me about staying here this summer, I was excited. I was a little nervous, but more excited than anything. After the Beech Road experience, I was hesitant to do this thing again. However, it's been AWESOME. *grin*

KP has been an answer to some prayers I have prayed since I moved here, and she has no idea about any of it. KP has just been herself, and in doing that, He is using her in ways she doesn't realize. Honestly, I'm glad she doesn't know. Sometimes things are just between me and God, but He uses people to bless me in special ways. KP has been that answer to prayer.

He has also talked a lot to me about my level of selfishness in this season. I think it's normal, given that I moved here out of the Beech Road Experience. At the same time, I'm finding JOY in sharing this place with KP. She is an ideal housemate, complete with washing dishes without being asked. *giggle*

I think that sometimes He gives us experiences to show us things that we couldn't have gained otherwise. I know that's what this summer is about for me.

There is more in my head, but that's all I want to share tonight. *grin*

Life is amazing, with His answers to private prayers.

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