Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Matt Gilman's Last IHOP-KC Set

Today was an emotional day for our IHOP-KC family. It was also an emotional afternoon for me. *grin* You wouldn't think having a lead worshiper leave IHOP-KC would affect me, but it did.

I should back up. *grin*

When I first moved here, I was excited to be here. I thought I would encounter Him all the time. At first I did, and then I hit a wall. I was stuck. I was still going to services and loving the Prayer Room, but I was stuck. However, I found myself looking forward to the 10pm set on Saturdays because Matt Gilman led it. I was always engaged with the Lord more when Matt led. Then one night, I had a breakthrough.

Unfortunately, I don't have the exact date written for me to refer to, but Matt led his team that night and I moved up to the floor in front of the stage. It was after "Amen, let's stand" and most people had left. I just sat before Him, and Matt's team lead an instrumental time. It was one of those nights where I can't really explain what He did, because I didn't understand it myself, but I was dramatically different. The Lord and I connected, and I was in awe of Him again. *grin*

Since that night, I have counted Matt as a favorite lead worshiper in the House of Prayer here. I enjoyed every set that I was in where he led.

Recently, when I heard he was leaving to be a part of the Orlando House of Prayer (OHOP) I was bummed. Then I read about why he's leaving, and I am honestly EXCITED for him and his family. Which led to today's set.

I knew ahead of time that today was his last set, and I got there early for a good seat. I wasn't going to miss one of my favorite leader's last set. *grin*

The entire set amazed me, and from start to finish I knew I was making a memory. He led song after song of his, and I LOVED IT. By the end of his set, it was standing-room-only and I just grinned.

His last song brought joy in the prayer room like I've never experienced, and I grinned as Matt finished his set. It was a finish that was past the regular set switch time, but it didn't matter. *grin*

Mike Bickle was at the mic at the end and spoke about Matt, and how he has been a part of the House of Prayer for ten years. Ten years. That surprised me, and then in clicked.

God has used him repeatedly in my life to pull me through where I was to be closer to Him. Closer to what really matters. For that, I will always be grateful for Matt in this season in my life.

At the same time, I know that this is turning out to be the year that a lot of our IHOP-KC family is being called out to do other things for the next chapter of their lives. I'm excited to see what He does in each of the people who have been sent out. I'm also thankful that we have social media to hear about all of those great things. *grin*

I also know that He will raise up other lead worshipers that I will enjoy as well. Not that it's about me. *giggle* You know what I mean, right? *grin*

Thank You, God for Matt. Please bless him and his family in the years to come. *grin*

That set today was one I will never forget. It was amazing. Matt is one special leader.


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